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Our Mission

The mission of the South Carolina Society of Ophthalmology is to serve the best interests of the people of this great state by delivering the highest quality of total eye care and serving the overall medical needs of the citizens. We are dedicated to serving the patients and the public through public and professional education, staunch legislative advocacy and extensive membership services. The South Carolina Society of Ophthalmology is focused on and dedicated to guaranteeing the rights of the public of this state to the direct access to the eye, visual health and overall medical care of an ophthalmologist licensed in South Carolina.

An Invitation to You

As you visit the SCSO web site and other public sources, we strongly URGE and INVITE you to learn more about the extensive medical school education and specialized medical training of an ophthalmologist (EYE-MD) in our delivery of vision, medical and surgical eye care. We hope by doing so you will develop a better understanding and appreciation as to why the ophthalmologist (EYE-MD) is truly the most highly educated and medically trained provider of routine eye examinations as well as medical or surgical care for eye diseases or elective surgical procedures. Please contact us directly for further information on the valuable services available from the EYE-MDs of South Carolina.



The SCSO maintains one of the lowest annual budgets on administration and overhead in its class size and demographic profile while contemporaneously delivering the highest level of state society lobbying support and advocacy contributions in its class and size for the entire nation!


Member Benefits

Advocacy: The SCSO’s Nationally Awarded Legislative Advocacy team is committed to representing you and fighting for the issues that affect you and your profession at the Statehouse

Legal Resources: The SCSO has established a Legal Resource Center to provide you with legal information and resources including publications, helpful links, and a list of FAQ’s to answer physician’s most common legal concerns on medical matters.

Networking: Stay connected with your peers across the state through the SCSO Members Forum at www.sceyemd.org (active membership required to view).

OMIC Insurance Partnership: An SCSO membership results in a ten (10%) percent annual savings in premiums.

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Our Vision

The South Carolina Society of Ophthalmology is the LEADER in promoting vision health as well as direct access to quality, accessible and affordable total eye care by ophthalmologists for the citizens of this great state.

Contact Us

PO Box 22321, Hilton Head, SC, 29925

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